Home Groups

Following Jesus is a ‘Home Group Church’ as opposed to a ‘Church with Home Groups.’ In the latter, home groups are an ‘optional extra’ program for people to join if they have surplus time and energy. The former means that home groups are fundamental to the life of the church – indeed the church is built on home groups for the purpose of real community. Belonging and participation is experienced most meaningfully in people who gather during the week in homes, in order to love and relate – to be accountable in a level of shared life as a little family of God.

Why not join a home group near you? 


Area: Young Adults:
Time: 19:00
Hosts: Lerato Moselane: 082-316-6905

Area: Douglasdale:
Time: 19:30
Hosts: Gavin & Zelda Pringle: 083 288-4200

Jo’burg North:
Time: 19:30
Hosts: Tim & Sheila Shanks: 082 259-8992


Area: Constantia Kloof (Haven of Grace)
Time: 19:00
Hosts: Duncan & Charmaine Raftesath: 071 892-8506


Area: Northwold:
Time: 19:00
Hosts: Cathy Rocher 083 280-3939

Area: Bromhof:
Time: 19:00
Hosts: Lawrence & Jenny Burgess 082 454-1092

Area: Lonehill:
Time: 19:30
Hosts: Quinton, Trish Howitt & Joanne Robolakis 082 375-2053



Area: Cosmo City (The Cosmopolitans)
Don & Rani Waugh: 082-395-9168