C h a n g e . . . .

God loves us too much to allow us to stay the same people we are now. Life is about growing up. You will know you have grown up when you seek to carry, rather than be carried yourself.

You will know you have grown up when your presence is a blessing to those around you, rather than a burden for them to bear.

Not all adults are grown up
Not all young people are children.

Tell your own story about Change – it can be based on your own life or made up. Your “story” can be written, drawn, painted, spoken, sung, composed or recorded on a device.

Here is a suggested process . . . this process takes some time, days, maybe weeks

  1. Ask God to teach you about Change. Ask him to give you ideas, pictures, words, dreams, inspiration, wisdom and insight. Give him permission to interrupt you life to show you stuff. Remember . . .

It’s not whether God speaks to us . . .
Its whether we want Him to speak to us . .

2. Read Luke 15: 11 – 32. Read it slowly and think about it. Imagine the scene in your head. Imagine what the younger son felt at the beginning and at the end. Imagine the experience of the father. Ask God to unlock its secrets.

3. Think about your own life, your own ideas, experiences, your dreams and your disappointments – the things that build you up and the things that break you down. Then think about Change. Ask God to show you the narrow faint path of change from where you are to where you need to be. Don’t allow guilt, religion or other people’s ideas to influence you. This is between you and God.

4. Now think how you can express your journey of Change using your talents for writing, drawing, singing or any other medium you are comfortable with. It may take a number of attempts to get it right – it will also take time.

5. When you are happy with the final product tell Steve Eilertsen so that a time and place can be arranged for you to present your story.