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Following Jesus

A Vineyard community church in Northriding

Everyone is following someone or something, a celebrity, leader, ideology or name-brand. Who or what are you following? The answer will determine where you end up in life, who you become. Choose wisely….join us….we’re following Jesus.

Following Jesus is an ordinary group of broken but extraordinary people who are learning to follow Jesus and make followers of him from people of all races, cultures and classes. It’s a journey overtaking every dimension of our lives for the rest of our lives. And we definitely can’t do it alone. We do it in intentional community and belonging, called Following Jesus, a church in association with the Vineyard Churches of South Africa.

We gather regularly on Sundays at 09:00 AM at the Vineyard Community Centre (379 Spionkop Avenue, North Riding AH, Gauteng, 2162). More importantly, we meet at various times in different formats and places to help each other follow Jesus day by day in every aspect of our lives, all with a view to personal, social and cosmic transformation. You’re welcome to join us in the journey… we really want to become more like Jesus, the radical rabbi from Nazareth!

Visit Us

We have one sermon on Sundays at 9am at our beautiful retreat premises at 379 Spionkop, Northriding AH.

Connect with us

Get connected – Meet new friends, receive and give support by joining one of our Home Groups.

Children's Church

Our team has a programme of activities and teachings for the various age groups from 3 years old.


We offer a rich variety of on-going events from retreats to prayer vigils to match all interest groups.