Fruit of the Vine Projects

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Vineyard Community Centre has several empowerment training projects that are run on the premises. The projects started in August 2010 when 2 ladies saw the potential of the land and began with training a small group from Cosmos City to grow their own vegetables.

We now have a fully-fledged vegetable garden under shade cloth where we do our best to grow wholesome organic vegetables, which we sell, use and give to desperate families in the church. We are cultivating granadillas, blackberries and sou-sou’s (Shu-shu’s) along the fence enclosing the Food Gardens. In the next few months we plan to plant several varieties of fruit trees. Our experimental sweet potato hill is expected to produce large and giant sweet potatoes.

Attached to the vegetable house is a seedling house where we germinate our own seedlings and grow slips and cuttings for our own gardens and for sale to anyone interested in supporting the Projects.

We also re-cycle all the greens and browns of the property in our numerous compost pits. We try to turn as much garden waste as possible into useful organic compost, which we use on site as well as offer for sale in different size bags. Our free -range chickens happily help with the manure component. In the compost area we also have a small pumpkin patch, which has produced numerous pumpkins.

We have 2 chicken houses with more than 20 chickens and plans for several more. Our chickens are free to roam in their area, which includes the compost area and the paving manufacturing zone. Often one can see little chicks running around after their mothers, scrounging for tidbits in the compost heaps.

Our flagstone pavers are made on the premises and come in a variety of sizes and colours. These are for sale at prices cheaper than the local nurseries and are generally made to order. Additionally we are able to offer a limited installation service and delivery service.

By the end of the year we hope to have set up our ‘Store’ where the produce of the land will be available for sale.

For more information, contact Following Jesus Offices Sheila on 010 222 0586