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Recent Sermons and Other Recordings

Below is a list of recent recordings posted on our website. You can listen to the audio here or “click on the title” to see more detail about the sermon, including notes, bible verses and other links.

The love of God to us and our love for him. Agape.
Moss ends up our series of The Way, The Truth and the Life; "Who do you say Jesus is?" "The only way to do life is in Jesus.... that's the…
Psalm 22 sheds light on how raw life can be and how we can follow Jesus in the life of suffering.
Gerhard and Landie (his wife) share testimonies on how God speaks to them by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus always asks for a full-hearted total commitment from us as his disciples. We cannot be in relationship with Jesus unless we are his disciples - followers who learn from…
From fake news to fake eyelashes, from truly guilty to truly released.
The kingdom Jesus came to build was one that went against traditions and norms. His was an upside down Kingdom.