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Small Team Healing Ministry

Would you like to have a free ringside seat to watch God doing stuff?


You are invited!

Perhaps you have felt that your healing started during ministry during a church service. Maybe your expectation of being restored physically, emotionally and spiritually was awoken during a course or retreat? The ‘Small Team Ministry’ offers an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to come and comfort and heal you.  It also helps equip people who want to learn how to minister healing to others. Indeed we invite the Holy Spirit to administer each step in the healing process. We set aside dedicated time to minister, and we do a number of sessions if needed.

The requirements for Holy Spirit ministry are . . . willingness, ability, gifting. God always provides the gifting as we step forward to serve Him.  Ability comes from watching others do it and having a safe place to practice.  Willingness – that’s up to us! In the ‘Small Team’ there is also a process where God blends and develops the gifting of each member so that the team can flow together.

The object of the ministry is to restore and establish the identity and destiny that God created us to have. If you have said: ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ ‘Why can I not beat this problem’ or ‘Why do people always treat me like that?’… then you can benefit from this ministry!

We meet every second Saturday morning from 9 until 12 o’clock at Vineyard Community Center to give away the blessing and healing we ourselves have received.


Contact Ray Fletcher for more information:
Phone: 082 633 6544 or email Ray on
Or you can contact the church office on 010 222 0586