Women’s Ministry

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Why a women’s ministry as opposed to a combined men and women’s ministry?
Why separate the two? 
Why yet another ministry and/or meeting?

‘El Roi’ means ‘The God who sees me’ (Gen 16 v13-14). Hagar gave this name to The Lord who spoke to her.  “You are a God of seeing”, for she said, “Truly I have seen him who looks after me”. We are seeking, as women, to have The Lord see us, to speak to us, to look after us in a unique and intimate way – because of our particular needs as women. One of the means The Lord may fulfill this desire is through women’s ministry where one may share freely on an emotional level, in a safe, nurturing environment. It is in this forum that we reflect the image of God to one another.

We meet in various ways, conducting various programs in ministering to women, all announced ahead of time via the church office. Gill Venter co-ordinates this ministry.

Contact her via email: gilliventer@gmail.com