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Worship Ministry


Worship is our highest priority as a Vineyard church. Whenever we gather we seek to love and honor the Father and the Son, through both jubilant praise and intimate worship, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we seek to worship God in Spirit and Truth, and we know that people who are true worshippers of God themselves make the best worship team participants.

Our core values that guide our worship style are: God’s presence, integrity, accessibility, and intimacy. We live in the tension of being, on the one hand, as inclusive as we can in terms of songs, cultures, styles and participants (in the worship teams), and on the other hand, we seek character above gifting and excellence in musicianship and worship while avoiding a performance mindset (in terms of worship teams).

We also need – and train – people who can serve at the sound desk and data-projection of songs and other news media.

Contact the worship leaders for more information:
Ray van der Westhuizen (079-694-9190) and Terxia Chegwidden (083-622-9026)